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Feng Capital specializes in fix-n-flip loans for non-owner-occupied investment properties. 

We are committed to communicating openly and honestly with our clients throughout the entire funding process, educating and empowering them to ensure that they can make informed financing decisions for businesses.

Clients’ interests always come first

Fast and reliable service

Leaders in the finance industry

Customizes Solutions

Over 30 years combined experience

Customizes Solutions




Feng Capital is a national leader in the financing industry. We provide the best business lending solutions available. We leverage our 500 competing commercial lenders network to provide your business with the largest selection of commercial financing options.

We have one of the largest networks of business in the country with top business financing experts, and our client receives the best financing product available in the market. Regardless of company type and/or size, we provide the best lending options available.




More Options

We offer more than 500 loan products, we have financing solutions for every business endeavor.