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Startup Loan

Invest in your own business. Instead of giving up equity to investors, a startup loan maintains your equity while accessing the working capital your startup needs to grow.

Loan Amounts

Up to $150k

Speed of Funds

2-4 weeks

Loan Term

Up to 25 Years

Time in Business

3+ Months

Securing financing for your startup venture is contingent on several factors, including your business's duration, credit score, and annual revenue. These factors influence the type of financing options available to you. Here's an overview of startup loans:  

· Duration in Business: The length of time your startup has been in operation plays a pivotal role in determining the financing options accessible to you. Newer startups may face more limited loan choices due to their shorter track record.  

· Credit Score: Your personal and business credit scores significantly impact your eligibility for startup loans. A strong credit history can open doors to a broader array of loan opportunities and more favorable terms. 

· Annual Revenue: Your startup's annual revenue is another crucial factor in the financing equation. Lenders often consider revenue as an indicator of your business's ability to repay loans.  

· Financing Options:     

- Depending on your specific situation, you may explore various financing options, including:     

- Traditional Business Loans: Offered by banks and financial institutions, these loans are suitable for startups with a solid credit history and financial stability.     

- Microloans: Smaller loans, often accessible through community organizations or micro-lenders, cater to startups with modest financing needs.    

 - Peer-to-Peer Lending: Online platforms connect borrowers with individual investors willing to fund startups.     

- Personal Loans: In some cases, entrepreneurs use personal loans to finance their startups, leveraging their own creditworthiness.    

- Crowdfunding: A creative funding approach where individuals contribute to your startup in exchange for rewards or equity.  

In conclusion, the type of financing available to your startup hinges on factors such as your business's age, creditworthiness, and annual revenue. Exploring various financing options and tailoring your approach to your unique circumstances is essential for securing the capital needed to launch and grow your startup.

  • Loan Amount: Up to $150K

  • Speed of Funds: 2-4 weeks

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