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Equipment Loan

Equipment financing is a form of asset-based lending that offers business owners the opportunity to secure funding for equipment acquisition or leasing, all while safeguarding their working capital. Here's a breakdown of the process:  

1. Determine Your Equipment Needs: Begin by identifying the equipment necessary to enhance your business operations, whether it's heavy machinery or office furnishings. Once you've pinpointed your requirements, estimate the associated costs.  

2. Submit an Application: Proceed by completing a straightforward online application, which is designed to be hassle-free and straightforward.  

3. Select Your Financing Plan: After you've submitted your application, we will take care of the legwork and present you with tailored financing options. You'll have the opportunity to review these options and choose the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements.  

4. Acquire Your Equipment: Once you have the funds at your disposal (often within as little as 24 hours), you can proceed to purchase the required equipment. Subsequently, you'll initiate repayment based on terms that suit your financial situation. Upon loan completion, full ownership of the equipment is transferred to you, free of any encumbrances.  In essence, equipment financing allows you to secure the equipment your business needs while preserving your financial flexibility, and it offers a streamlined process that ensures your business remains fully operational and efficient.

  • Loan Amount: 5k-5M

  • Speed of Funds: As soon as 24hrs

  • Interest Rate: As Low as 7.5%

  • Loan Term: 1-10 Years

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