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Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loan

Commercial Real Estate Bridge financing is a specialized lending solution designed to bridge gaps in financing for various types of properties. It serves as a short-term, interim financing option with unique features. Here's an introduction:  Collateral Types Supported: · Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Real Estate · Condos · Townhomes · Planned Unit Development (PUD)  A minimum Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) of 1.10 is typically required, ensuring that the property's income can comfortably cover its debt obligations. Commercial Real Estate Bridge financing serves as a temporary financial solution to facilitate property acquisitions, renovations, or transitions. It offers flexibility in terms of repayment structures, including fixed and adjustable-rate options, along with interest-only payment choices. This financing is well-suited for various property types and can be an invaluable tool for investors and businesses looking to bridge financing gaps in their real estate projects.

  • Loan Amount: $55k - $2M

  • Purchase:  Up to 80%

  • Refinance: Up to 80%

  • Cash-Out: Up to 75%

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