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Commercial Real Estate Long-Term

Commercial Real Estate Long Term financing supports a variety of property types within the real estate sector, providing extended funding options for property investors and businesses. It covers property types such as multifamily, mixed-use, single-family investment, light industrial, mobile home parks, self-storage, warehouses, and retail. Here's a concise overview:  

Property Types: 

· Multifamily 

· Mixed-Use 

· Single Family Investment 

· Light Industrial 

· Mobile Home Parks 

· Self-Storage 

· Warehouse 

· Retail  

Key Features: 

· Extended Loan Terms 

· Competitive Interest Rates 

· Amortization 

· Diverse Property Coverage 

· Facilitates Investment Growth  

In essence, Commercial Real Estate Long Term financing is a flexible funding solution suitable for various real estate investments, offering extended repayment terms and competitive rates to support long-term growth and income generation.

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