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1YR/2YR Full Doc

Full documentation loan refers to a loan where all income and assets are documented. It is typically referred to as a "full doc" loan in the mortgage industry and is a common type of loan used for financing a home purchase.

Full Doc loans are a perfect solution for small business owners, investors, or other self-employed individuals, who believe they would not qualify for a traditional agency loan. These loans are also ideal for borrowers who are recovering from a recent credit event.

What Are Loan Documents?

You can boost your opportunities and access highly competitive interest rates or a larger lending amount when you verify the full extent of your income documentation. In general, you need to produce your full financials and tax details from the past two years, although the exact credentials traditional lenders require depend on the company.

What Are The Advantages Of A Full Doc Loan?

Full doc loans offer eligible applicants greater borrowing capacity and better terms, such as highly competitive interest rates and lower down payments. This is because if you qualify, the bank or financier can verify that you have the financial muscle to pay the loan amounts back without hassle, thereby reducing the financier's risk.

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