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A debt service coverage (DSCR) loan is one that qualifies borrowers through an investment property’s cash flow rather than the borrower’s income. DSCR loans — also known as investor cash flow loans — are frequently used by real estate investors to qualify for mortgages and buy investment properties. 

Why choose our DSCR?

  • No income and no employment needed

  • No ratio loans — borrowers do not have to worry about the debt service coverage ratio

  • Fastest turn times in the industry

DSCR loans have many advantages including:

  • Different eligibility requirements. DSCR loans use the rental income from a property, rather than the borrower’s income to qualify. This means that they can buy an investment property even if their income makes them ineligible.

  • No limit to the number of loans. There is a limit to how many rental properties a borrower can buy with Conventional mortgages, but they can generally take out as many DSCR loans as they want.

  • Quicker closing. DSCR loans may have quicker closing times than Conventional mortgages because of simplified documentation.

  • No employment verification. Because the borrower’s income is not used to qualify for a DSCR loan, there is no employment verification required.

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