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The Written Verification of Employment (WVOE) Program is a specialized mortgage lending initiative that requires borrowers to provide a form to their current employer, who will then complete it to verify specific details about the borrower's employment history and income. This verification typically includes information such as dates of hire, compensation structure (including salary, bonus, and commissions), and year-to-date earnings. The WVOE program is particularly useful for confirming a borrower's income when applying for a mortgage. 

What is a Written Verification of Employment (WVOE) Loan?

WVOE loans are mortgage programs considered alternative financing because they are neither Conventional nor government-issued loans. They are available through private lenders, but they are non-conforming to the Federal Housing Administration criteria. They only rely on the written verification of employment – thus the abbreviation WVOE loans.

What is a Written Verification of Employment?

Verification of employment is a widespread practice in the loan application process that banks and lenders use to determine the job stability of the potential borrower. This verification ensures that borrowers have a stable job and a sufficient income and that they do not lie on their applications. There are written and verbal VOEs that all current and previous employers a borrower listed on an application should fill out.


Loan Solution for salaried borrowers with no tax returns

Loan Amounts

Up to $4M


Up to 55%


Up to 80% CLTV



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