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12/24 Month Bank Statement

The Bank Statement Loan Program offered by Logan provides significant advantages, especially for self-employed borrowers and high-net-worth individuals who may not have traditional qualifying information on their tax returns. Here are the key benefits of this program:  

Expanded Borrower Reach: The Bank Statement Loan Program extends your lending capabilities to a broader group of high-net-worth potential borrowers, including self-employed individuals who might not meet traditional income verification criteria.  

No Traditional Qualifying Information: Borrowers can qualify for loans without the need for traditional income documentation typically found on tax returns. This offers flexibility to individuals with complex financial situations.  

High Loan Amounts: Eligible self-employed borrowers can access financing options for amounts of up to $5 million. This higher loan cap accommodates significant real estate investments or property purchases.  

Personal or Business Bank Statements: Borrowers have the flexibility to use either personal or business bank statements for income verification, allowing them to choose the most suitable option for their financial profile.

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