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The Written Verification of Employment (WVOE) Program is a specialized mortgage lending initiative that requires borrowers to provide a form to their current employer, who will then complete it to verify specific details about the borrower's employment history and income. This verification typically includes information such as dates of hire, compensation structure (including salary, bonus, and commissions), and year-to-date earnings. The WVOE program is particularly useful for confirming a borrower's income when applying for a mortgage. 

 Key Features:  

Income Verification: The WVOE program is primarily used to verify a borrower's income, ensuring that they have the financial capacity to qualify for a mortgage. 

Alternative to Tax Returns: In some cases, the WVOE program can serve as an alternative to providing traditional tax returns when applying for a mortgage. This is especially beneficial for individuals who may not have tax returns or prefer not to use them for income verification.  

1099 Income Program: Additionally, the program may include the 1099 Income Program, which allows borrowers to use the actual wages reported on their 1099 forms as qualifying income for their new home loan. This option is particularly relevant for self-employed individuals or independent contractors.  

Non-QM Mortgage: Both the WVOE and 1099 options are often used as methods to qualify for Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QM), which are mortgages that do not conform to traditional lending standards. These programs offer flexibility in income verification and qualification criteria.

  • Max 80% LTV

  • Property Types: SFR / Condo / Townhome (No rural or units)

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