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Business Line of Credit

Get a revolving amount of funds to borrow from when you need to and pay back later.

Loan Amounts


Speed of Funds

1-2 days

Loan Term

6-18 months

Time in Business

2+ Years

Think of a business credit line as a financial safety net at your disposal for your business. It's readily available when needed but not mandatory for use. When you do decide to tap into it, the flexibility it offers allows you to address a wide range of small business needs. Moreover, you're only charged interest on the amount you utilize, not the entire credit line, making it a cost-effective financing solution. In essence, it's as adaptable as a highly flexible yoga instructor.  

Advantages of a Business Credit Line: 

 Interest Savings: You're only responsible for paying interest on the specific funds you use. For instance, if you're granted a $40,000 business credit line and draw $20,000 for office improvements, your interest payments apply solely to that $20,000, potentially resulting in significant interest savings.  

Versatile Use Cases: Similar to a credit card, a business credit line serves a multitude of purposes. It proves valuable for businesses seeking expansion, requiring capital for establishing new locations, or purchasing inventory. Additionally, it serves as a valuable contingency fund for unexpected financial needs.

  • Loan Amount: $1k-500K

  • Speed of Funds: 1-2 days

  • Loan Term: 6-18 months

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