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A flexible and expedited financial solution designed to bridge the gap between selling a current property and acquiring a new one. It serves as a short-term loan option to address the interim period when funds from the sale of the existing property are not yet available for the purchase of a new one. They are perfect for investment properties, whether residential, vacant, or tenant-occupied. 

Bridge financing offers several advantages:  

· Quick Access to Funds: Bridge loans are known for their rapid approval and disbursement, allowing borrowers to act swiftly in competitive real estate markets. 

· Temporary Solution: They are intended as a short-term solution, typically with terms ranging from a few months to a year, ensuring borrowers don't carry long-term debt. 

· Flexibility: Borrowers can use bridge loans for various purposes, including purchasing a new home, covering down payments, or making necessary repairs or upgrades to the new property. 

· Collateral-Based: Bridge loans are typically secured by the borrower's existing property or the property being purchased, making them a viable option for those with substantial equity.

Bridge/Hard Money

A Solution to bridge the gap when transitioning from one home to another

Loan Amounts

Up to $10M




Up to 80% LTV

Closing Time

Fast Closing

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